For Most Motivational Speeches within a 24 Hour Period in 10 Different Cities.

Nolen Davis & The UP Social Network Presents:
#RecordBreakers2020 Summit & Guinness World Record Attempt.

We are getting closer and closer to the #RecordBreakers 2020 Summit! Are you ready?

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  • (10 Spots) Platinum
  • $2,500.00
    per Location
  • E-Blast to UP Social Network Members & Database
  • Featured Branded Live Stream Interview with CTA
  • Branded Interview Recording For Promo Use
  • (20) 30-Second Spots on Step UP Radio
  • 30-minute interview on StepRadio on KCOH
  • Premier Signage Placement
  • Live Streaming of Logo Throughout The Summit
  • Official Guinness “Bragging Rights” Certificate
  • (4) Tickets To Event Included
  • Swag Gift
  • (15 Spots) Gold
  • $1,500.00
    per Location
  • E-Blast to UP Social Network Members & Database
  • Featured Branded Live Stream Interview with CTA
  • (10) 30-Second Spots on Step UP Radio
  • 30-minute interview on StepRadio on KCOH
  • Signage Placement
  • Official Guinness “Bragging Rights” Certificate
  • (3) Tickets To Event Included
  • Swag Gift
  • (25 Spots ) Silver
  • $500.00
    per Location
  • E-Blast to UP Social Network Members & Database
  • Live Stream Interview with CTA
  • Branded Interview Recording For Promo Use
  • Official Guinness “Bragging Rights” Certificate
  • 30-minute interview on StepRadio on KCOH
  • Signage Placement
  • (2) Tickets To Event Included
  • Swag Gift

Nolen Davis & UP Social Network Influencer Reach


Guinness World Record Attempt

The Most Live Performed Speeches in Different Cities in 24 Hours
When: October 10, 2020; 9am - 9pm
Where: 10 Different Cities.

From startups to veteran entrepreneurs, 3,000 enthusiastic attendees will gain exclusive access to 100 life-changing speakers simultaneously presenting life-altering strategies, tips and tricks to break records in life and businesses. This 10-city community event sponsored by the UP Social Network pays homage to the premier record-breaker, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by inspiring, encouraging and motivating citizens to unapologetically live the life of radical greatness.

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UP Social’s specially curated “Ted Talk” presentation style. Called NextUP Motivational Talks, will feature 100 of the most influential speakers in our nation. Each speaker is assigned to a specific location presenting for approximately 11-13 Minutes to a room of 250 eager attendees- 2,500 in total, in 10 different cities, ready to break records in their lives and business.

NextUP motivational talks include:
  • Going Viral on Social Media
  • Creating Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Love, Sex, & Relationships
  • Power Networking Strategies
  • Peak Performance & Fitness
  • Mental Health and Your Business
  • Cyber Safety for Your Business and so much more!

Are You Motivational?

Calling all Speakers, Authors, Life Coaches, and Thought Leaders...this is the ultimate branding and bragging rights experience you need to start your year off breaking records!

Participating Speaker’s Package Includes:
A 90-second Sizzle Reel to jumpstart your 2020 Marketing efforts
Custom Speaker Flyer to advertise to your Followers
Official Participation Certificate from Guinness World Records

Meet The Record Breakers

We need 100 speakers. Register Now...slots are filling fast!

Andrena Phillips
The Comeback Conversation

Angela Conley
Income Beyond The Chair

Antonia McClammy
It's Time To Go Big in 2020 With Your Marketing

April Day
Achieving The Unexpected To Get More

Billy Bray
Goal Crushing

Brett Shoemaker
The 12 Pillars Of creating Time, Efficiency & Peace

Brice Everhart
Dress To Impress For The Right Success

Cassi Gregory
A Teaspoon Of Passion

Cassaundra Webb
A Portrait Of A Godly Woman

Catharine Pearce
The Roadmap To Profit Acceleration

Cathy Dougherty
Kiss Ass and Take Names...Networking For Profit and Gains

Charles Lewis
Target Practice…Are You Hitting Your Target Market?

Christina L. Turner
Seeding To Harvesting As An Entrepreneur

Chris Burres
Internet Marketing For Massive Business Growth

Christopher Allen
How To Shoot Your Shot

Clint Brinkley
Cybersecurity: Defense Against The Invisible Threat

Cody Dakota Wooten
How To Get Your Team, Business & Organization To Flourish

Colton Trout
The Adventure Of Change

Cynthia O’Neal
Instilling Mountain Moving Self Esteem in Your Teenager

David Lovelace
Flawlessly Regeneration

Douglas Wray
The Power Of Purpose

Dr. Dana Wells
ALWAYS Show Up As Your Best Self

Dr. Lashonda Dean

Dr. Sugar Trask
Benefits Of Therapeutic Massage

Elam King
Understanding A Man

Evangelist Tanya Dean
The Process

Fillipe Silvas
4 Steps To Greatness

Gloria Greene
Community Marketing

Gwen Brehm
YOU +1

Harold Jay Trotter
Everything The Stage Taught Me About Life

James Williams
Check Your Life

Janice Peterson Townsend
How To Start Realizing Your Best Life

John Caldyne
Marketing Your Business

Ken Underhill
Pushing Through

Kendall Cobb
Death To The N-Word

Kyra Hardwick
Show Up Ready

Lanita Hale
You Can Over Come Anything

LaShasta Bell
Choose You

LaTral Johnson
Purfectly Flaw'd

Marc Davenport
How To Win

Megan Eddings
Just Go For It

Mel Shipman
Raising Dreams

Misty Telford
Overcoming Unforgiveness

Monique White
Overcoming Mental Shame

Mythiquer Pickett
Discover Your Purpose

Nicole Matthews
The Future Of Marketing

Nicolle Byrd

Pam Goodfriend
Depression-Together WE Can Stomp The Stigma Of Mental Illness

Porscha Jackson
Pursuing Legacy

Q Bright
A Custom Fit Mindset For 2020

Reggie Rusk
Beyond The Lights

Rhonnika Clifton
The Educated Client, 10 Tips on Understanding The Design Process

Ruben Stunner
Creating Content in 2020

Sabreen Sudan Jolley
Unplanned Parenthood

Sabrina Franklin
Building Generational Wealth

Sandra Harris
Prayer-The Missing Ingredient To Real Success

Shakespeare Harris

Sharita Humphrey
The Football Strategy To Financial Success

Sharon Jenkins
Authorpreneurship 101

Sheri Curran
Turning Your Money Madness Into Money Mastery

Sherra Aguire
Healthy, Joyful, Vegan Life

Shirley Brooks
Building Business With Purpose

Sunita Punjabi
Using Neuroscience to Create Reality

Sunny Kim
Freedom in 2020

Sylvia Reyes
Stair Stepping To Successful Investing

Talia Oliver
What Hitting Rock Bottom Taught Me About The Power of Manifestation

Terrence Duncan
The Talent Myth

Tiffany Taylor-Hicks
Keeping Promises To Yourself First

Toni Kaufman
From Summit to TV in 90 Days

Tracey Hilton-Parker
From Tragedy To Triumph

Trave´ Hunter
Breaking Records by Breaking Cycles

Uchenna Agu
$1MM Is In Our Contact List

William Harris
Joys of PR and Awareness

Willie & Tikila Adolph
In Business With Your Spouse

Zuriel Gibson
Lupus & Autoimmune Awareness

#RecordBreakers2020 Tees Now Available