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HOW DO I QUALIFY TO WIN THE $10,000 in cash and when does the winner receive it?

1. Purchase your ticket to #RecordBreakers2020 Summit
2. Like UP Social LIVE Page on Facebook
3. Follow us on Instagram
4. Join The UP Social Live Facebook Community to network with thousands of business owners and promote your event, products, services or share advice for other record breakers! You can also ask for their votes, too!
5. Share the event flyer on all of your social media platforms!
6. Post a video on your Facebook or Instagram by sharing your current business or business idea and WHY you should be the winner using hashtags: #RecordBreakers #NextUp #UpSocialNetwork when you post! You can post as many videos asking your network to vote for you. All social media impressions such as hearts, likes, reposts, and shares count as votes and will determine the winner.

***The $10,000 cash prize will be presented to the winner on Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 9:00 am CST at an Exclusive Location and streaming LIVE on Up Social Network!***

We will be LIVE STREAMING from ALL LOCATIONS for the entire 24 hour period on UP SOCIAL LIVE on Facebook!
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Speaker Requirements To Participate In Guinness World Record Attempt

Thank you for your support of Nolen Davis, UP Social Network, and this Guinness World Record Attempt! This is an amazing opportunity to truly impact the lives of thousands of people as well secure substantial branding, recognition and leads for your company.

We have received your initial submission. We are gathering and selecting speakers as you read this. Each speaker must:

  • Sell 25 tickets. If you are chosen as a speaker, you’ll receive a custom Eventbrite Speaker code for your ticket buyers to use when purchasing.
  • Prepare “Ted Talk” style presentation. The speeches are designed to motivate and encourage the listeners and other businesses about your subject matter expertise, not a sales presentation.
  • 30 Second Video Of Why You Should Be A Speaker. Explain in half a minute, what is your subject matter is, and why people should hear your speech. 1.Upload your video to Facebook or Instagram 2.Use #RecordBreakers #NextUp #UPSocialNetwork
  • Title Of Your Speech. Your speech title should be direct and captivating.
  • Professional Headshot. Think LinkedIn…
  • UP Social Social Media Engagement. Like UP Social on Facebook. Click “Going” on Guinness World #RecordBreakers2020 Facebook Event. Follow UP Social on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost for me to be a speaker for this event? There is no cost to be a speaker at this event, however, all speakers are required to sell 25 tickets. Tickets start at $27.00 each.
  2. Can I be a vendor and a speaker? Yes! Vendor Tables start at $150.00 per table with 2 chairs in a prime location.
  3. How long should my speech be? Your speech should not go over 13 minutes. No exceptions.
  4. Am I allowed to sell my product or service from the stage? No. Your goal is to inspire, motivate and educate the audience to break records in 2020 after sharing a compelling personal success story. If you would like to sell your products or services, we suggest purchasing a vendor table. This event will go viral and your business is guaranteed visibility.
  5. I have never spoken before. Will someone be available to help me craft my speech? Yes, there will be a group coaching call for all speakers once your spot is secured.
  6. How should I dress for my speech? Business Casual. Your speech WILL go viral. Dress as the celebrity you are!
  7. May I use props during my speech? Yes, just make sure it is PG 13.
  8. The event is being held in 10 different cities. How will I know which city I am assigned to? Once you are chosen as a speaker, you will be assigned to the city in the Houston Metropolitan Area.
  9. Do I have to live in the Houston Area to become a speaker? No. Speakers are flying in from around the country to participate in this record breaking event!
  10. How many other speakers will I be sharing the stage with? There are 10 cities in the Houston Metropolitan Area where this event will simultaneously take place. There will be 10 speakers at each location. This specially curated event will serve 250+ attendees and 10 vendors at each location. It will be AMAZING!
  11. What if I don’t sell the 25 tickets? If you decide not to sell the 25 tickets, you are responsible for making a donation equivalent to the cost of a general seating ticket. Those seats will be donated to underserved business owners and citizens of the community. You will not be able to participate if this step isn’t complete.
  12. This is an amazing opportunity. What else comes with my speaking opportunity? Your speech will be streamed live to over 500,000 consumers across all social media platforms. Your speech will also be edited and emailed to you 45 days after the event to upload to your personal website, YouTube channel and/or your social media platforms.

Terms and Conditions:
Your participation in this event gives UP Social Network permission and autonomy to use your likeness, speech, interviews or other elements of your persona in future marketing efforts. Your contact information will never be sold to third parties.